6-axis robot

It mainly consists of :
– A 6-axis industrial robot (Kuka KR10 R1100 sixx Agilus in CN10 / KR20-3 R1600 in CN11 / KR60 HA R2000 high-precision in CN12 / KR120 HA R2700 high precision in CN13 with:

  • Absolute robot measurement to improve machining accuracy

– A robot controller with:

  • Security interface
  • Power interface
  • On-Off entry/exit card (EtherCAT bus extension)

– A color touch screen controller with manual settings (Smart Pad)

– A stand for the robot
– A spindle with compressed air refreshment (power 700W in CN10, 3300W in CN11 and CN12, 7000W in CN13)

– Machine tools to be defined according to applications

– Optional, pneumatic tool changer

– A KUKA calibration kit

– A USB restoration stick

"Machining table" unit

 It mainly consist of :

– A machining table mounted on a frame , dimensions 650x1500mm, 1500x1500mm

– In OPTION, rotary table (7th axis) controlled by the robot

"Electric power and control" unit

It mainly consist of:

– Security controller

– Spindle speed drive 400V, digital keyboard and dissipation resistance

– Electrical protections for the actuators

a electric power and content unit to have a secure control

"Safety enclosure" unit

It mainly consists  of:

– A supporting frame with dimensions adapted to the robot’s reach, made of aluminium with transparent polycarbonate panels mounted on a robust base

– One or more doors with security sensors connected to the safety controller and electrical controller

In OPTION, a dust and shavings extractor

This type of safety enclosure is imposed by standards for the operation of 6-axis robots in machining applications.

It is also possible to use a closed room (with visual access) as a security enclosure. The security sensors are then mounted on the door or doors of the room.

“extraction system for machinning shavings” unit

Aspiration des copeaux lors de l'usinage

Other OPTIONS available:

  • Electro-spindle with quick mounting HSK40, delivered with 2 HSK40 tool holders
  • Horizontal and vertical table set (for extended machining time)
  • HSK cone-mounted workpiece sensort and robot integration
  • Measuring system of tools by light barrier (contactless)
  • Tool changer (8 tools)
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